Monday, December 17, 2007

Wiimote Whiteboard with a Rear-Projected Display

After a few people have written in asking about this, I think it's worth posting about it. The Wiimote Whiteboard technique/software works great with rear-projected surfaces. In fact, I think it's the best configuration because you can put the Wiimote behind the surface near the projector and you don't have to worry about blocking it's view. The camera also gets a prime view of the screen so tracking resolution is high.

I didn't talk about this in the original video because making a custom rear-projection screen is relatively hard... and making a rear projected drafting table, for which stylus work is better suited, is even a little harder. So, this might be a little out of reach for many people. But, it's well worth the effort in my opinion because the result is pretty great.

Link to WiimoteWhiteboard


El Buda said...

OMG... this is incredible, i made the test with normal surface in which works flawless. But this is awesome, I must buy a rear-projected display!!.

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Unknown said...

I saw your wiimote video the other day and noticed your reference to minority report. Well you should check out the older movie Johnny Mnemonic which has a 3d version of the same thing. Get it to work like it does in that video and I'll be pretty happy (Bonus points for the sweet glove).

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