Friday, December 14, 2007

Squiggly lines and other Bluetooth Drivers

After seeing some videos people have posted of them using the WiimoteWhiteboard software, I have added the following to the troubleshooting section of the help document and mention this on the download page.

"My lines are really squiggly and tracking is bad" - Remember the Wii Remote contains a camera, and the better view the camera has of your screen the better tracking you'll have. So, good placement is the key to good tracking. The more direct view the wiimote has of your screen, the better, The closer it is without losing visibility of your screen, the better. The wiimote camera has a 45 degree field of view. Keep this in mind for placement. Using the "Visible IR dots" diagnostic on in the software, you can test the visibility of the corners of your screen using your IR pen. It may be helpful to turn off cursor control. Activate the LED at each corner location and check if the Wiimote still sees it. Some squiggilyness is unavoidable, but it can definitely be minimized. Smoothing is on the feature list to be added in any future release.

Also, I've gotten testimony and links to videos that say this works with other bluetooth drivers besides Blue Soleil. But, I haven't tested them myself.


Unknown said...

Hi. Great stuff!

I'm trying to get this set up with XP running on a MacBook Pro. I was having trouble, so I downloaded the latest WiimoteLib (1.2) and their test app works. I modified your source code to use the new library, and it builds, but I keep getting what seem to be multithreading errors when I run it.

Any chance that you'll update your code to run with 1.2?


alfongj said...

Haha you're a genius.

Hope when I'm older I also invent some usable things as you do xD

By th way, have you also tryed Wiimote's motion sensing capacities?
It can be also a good source for tracking camera movements, if you record with it strapped to the camera... A bit complicated though :P

Anyway, thanks for your ideas, my life is now... cooler xD

andemann said...

Corey, how did you manage to get it working on your macbook. I assume it is the same bluetoothadapter that is in my mac mini (booted to windows xp sp 2)
I manage to pair the wiimote with windows, but it won't remain connected in the devices list.


Johnny Chung Lee said...

Thanks corey for the pointer to the new WiimoteLib. I'll try to a new version up soon. it looks like this solves a lot of smaller compatability problems.

* said...

ah man, you are such a genious! im trying to get this to work in vista on my macbook but bluesoleil doesnt work with built in bluetooth and they dont have plans to support this :( you mentioned people saying other programs that work, do you think you could list them? i really want to get this up and running, seems like a lot of fun :D

anyways, great job and hope you get recognized for your genious!

seanwlambert said...

I have my wiimote connected to my laptop. (lenovo t-61, windows vista) and it will work with GlovePie, but wiimote whiteboard wont recognize it, when I run it, it says "error reading data from wiimote: is it connected?"

Is there a way around this?

Graham Fraser said...

Hey Johnny,

Great work on this software and thanks so much for making it available to the public.

Just wanted to chime in and point out that successful connection of the wiimote will vary depending on the hardware. After trying a few different sets of drivers with a Trendnet dongle I tried drivers that I was previously unsuccessful (with Widcomm stack) and managed to connect a Logitech MX dongle. Now I'll point out this was on W2k.

Couldn't get the whiteboard program to initialize under XP on the MacBook Pro but the remote connected fine.

In any event it is a fantastic program and I look forward to giving it a try in the classroom in the new year.

Cheers and Thanks again.

_harry_ said...

You are awesome!
I cannot wait for your next release!

Gilrad said...

I noticed in the video you said that it works with any LCD screen... What about CRT? Would the glass reflect the light and mess up the tracking? Or would it just involve being a bit more creative in wiimote placement?

John Patten said...

Wonderful mod of the Wii Remote control!

For anyone interested I constructed a very inexpensive infrared Wii pen. It consists of 3/4 inch pvc, battery holder, led, and small momentary switch. It will take longer to cut the PVC than it will to build the pen!

I know looks a little dangerous, don't carry it on a plane on your way to present at some educational conference BWG.

Flickr image here:


hugo said...

i dont understand when i try to go to your website it does not work wy can some one healp me telling where we can danwload theses softwares ???

Emistos said...

I like the program but I have a big problem. I don't have a wiicontroller but I have an infraredcamera. Is there any way that I can still runn the program

Emistos said...

I like the program but I have a big problem. I don't have a wiicontroller but I have an infraredcamera. Is there any way that I can still runn the program

Emistos said...

I like the program but I have a big problem. I don't have a wiicontroller but I have an infraredcamera. Is there any way that I can still runn the program

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