Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Weclome to my project blog:

Hi, everyone! Welcome to my project blog. This is an experiment to see if it is helpful for people get updates to projects that I'm working on and as a documentation tool for things that I'm doing.

My main website can be found at


Unknown said...

Just wanted to say thanks for sharing all your great ideas for the Wiimote. Nice blog name too :) Procrastineering is a favorite pasttime of mine.

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
PsyGuy said...

like sean, i'd like to drop a 'thanks' to you.
and its nice to see anouther procrastinator as well :D

cigraphics said...

you are incredible i've seen all your projects and the ROCK hope to see more.

jonny propaganda said...

head tracking the wii remote, while definitely amazing for 3D gaming, has much greater potential.

virtual remote control surgical nanobots. i'm no procrastineer, but it's possible.

Copyright that name by the way.

Anonymous said...

Man, you are something else! Johnny L puts the "ee" back in Engineering. Fresh perspective and really interesting ideas, grad money well spent


Seb said...

Thanks a lot, Johnny, for imaginating, inventing and sharing such cool stuff !!!

daniel said...

hi johnny, your work is awsome, im interested in the finger tracking, but im working with a macbook, there is a finger tracking program like yourse but run under OS X?

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