Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Source Forge: Wiimote Whiteboard

I'm swamped with requests for compatibility fixes, requests for Mac and Linux versions. ... and as much as I would love to be able to get this working in the hands of as many people as possible, I don't have the skills or time to do all this alone. So, here is my call for help. I have created a SourceForge repository for all WiimoteWhiteboard development.

If you are a Mac, PC, or Linux developer there are thousands of people (especially educators and entire schools) just waiting to use the software you write. Help out, become a hero.

If you tried the WiimoteWhiteboard software and had trouble with your setup, you can post your configuration in the SourceForge Help Forum.

Link to SourceForce: Wiimote Whiteboard


andemann said...

Great initiative

Miguel said...

As you are developing your projects in C#, I believe you could easily switch to Java and make all the requests go away! The languages are very much alike.

Johnny Chung Lee said...

The problem with Java is that you still need use platform specific libraries for accessing the Wii Remote. In this case, the same Java code will not immediately work across platforms. Using Java with unusual hardware is very unpleasant. I also believe cursor simulation (Java Robot class) may also have platform dependent behavior.

Marcelo Amaral said...

Great work, really impressive. The potential is awesome!

Katy said...

Great work, I love the idea. I would code the Mac version myself if I knew how. When someone wiser than me comes out with a Mac version, I'll be very excited to try the Wiimote Whiteboard for myself. :)

shallow monkey said...

Johnny, nice demo, excellent CHI work behind it. We're taking a whack at the Linux code.

SJ said...

I would like to help out with a Linux version, but the WiimoteLib is completely in C#. Is there a converter out there which converts C# to C++?

SJ said...

Ok I found this Linux program called Mono which allows you to compile and run C# programs. I currently don't have access to Linux so maybe someone else could try running WiimoteWhiteboard using this?

Johnny Chung Lee said...

There's not need to touch the C#. It's tiny program, maybe 200 some lines. You can port it to any language you want and use a native Linux Wiimote driver.

|| davidjay || said...

You are beyond brilliant! Many blessings and much success to you!

Carpe Noctum said...

Great work Johnny,

We are a school with a Interactive WhiteBoard in every classroom and have found them to be an amazing tool. I set up the wiimote whiteboard projected on to a low set table for my students (Primary/Elementry) to try out during the last week of school. They were a little confused about the infrared pen and switch as they usually touch with their fingers. As kids do, they picked it up very quickly and were having a great time. ArtRage2 is brilliant and so is the smarttech whiteboard software(licensing issues?)

Q: Is it possible for the software to recognise a infrared pen made with a left and right click or maybe a double click?

Issue/Resolution (for those interested): I had problems running the software off any networked drive. If you set the intRAnet security settings to low it will resolve this issue..... or you could just run it locally.

Try this top down view game on projected table with the little ones. It's good for learning basic infrared pen/ skills and....they love it. http://www.ferryhalim.com/orisinal/g2/0frog.swf

Thanks again for your great work
Nic Rees
Technology Coordinator
MVPS, Sydney, Australia

gemini said...

I've done it in GNU/Linux. I have it working on gutsy gibbon. I'm a teacher and I plan to use this on my class.

The program uses libcwiid, lmeschach (matrix calculations), lXtst (for envent generation) and SDL.

Maybe it's a little bit buggy, and I will certainly improve it. But it works!!

Check my blog for instructions: http://superspace-gemini.blogspot.com/2007/12/linux-electronic-whiteboard.html

The code: http://linux-whiteboard.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/

el observador said...

Muy bueno el trabajo ,de verdad, quiero conversar y Donate , pero, tengo que examinar detalles...

Drew McKinney said...

This is fantastic. I put one of the wiiwhiteboards together for my mom's middle school. Each year they write a $3000 grant to get an additional computer-enhanced whiteboard so their pretty geeked about being able to deliver this technology on a shoestring.

Thanks again!

Unknown said...

can the mailing list on the sourceforge project be enacted so we can get updates?

Thomas Prewitt said...

Did you see what these guys did with simple cheap infrared sensors on their clothing, and how they moved 3D models around with it, etc? Same technology isn't it? Cheaper alternatives to the Wiimote perhaps?

srkelley said...

Thanks a lot for this development. i have plenty of Wii motes, but not a single projector. I've been looking for a pretty cheap one so that I could use it instead of getting a new monitor/tv for my pc. I'm looking forward to showing this off. Thanks a lot man!

Motin said...

I just tried the Linux version of the code - check it out: http://www.videoboom.com/wiimote-whiteboard-on-linux/

IraMarlowe said...

Great Work! Would love to see more, very cool.

the mercurial helmsman said...

I know there's quite a few posts and demos up about your project. I'm going to be student teaching social studies Spring 2009 and I plan on marshaling the resources I need to build this sassy white board at that time. Teachers I've talked to and shown this are in awe. It's not that teachers love them. Students love them. That's a foundational battle.
SMARTboards are the next big tech expenditure in districts that can afford them. PTA here just had a huge fundraiser to buy two. no more than two. for one of the elementary schools. This is really exciting and I would be more than glad to make a donation when I'm able to do so.

Josh said...

my wiimote is connected to my computer via bluetooth, but my computer does not know what program or file to open the file, so a notice comes up saying that I can choose the program from a list or use the web to find it, but I don't know what to use. Can anyone help?

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

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The problem with Java is that you still need use platform specific libraries for accessing the Wii Remote. In this case, the same Java code will not immediately work across platforms. Using Java with unusual hardware is very unpleasant. I also believe cursor simulation (Java Robot class) may also have platform dependent behavior.

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