Friday, May 6, 2011

Kinect Projects - The First 5 Months

Since it's release in November of 2010, there have been thousands of projects use the Kinect camera from independent developers, artists, and researchers. This is just a short montage of a few that I have enjoyed seeing.


rektide said...

Good collection! Please provide some attribution?

Unknown said...

Raw Depth

Body Inflation


Music Video 1

Music Video 2

Be your own souvenier

Motion Capture 1

Motion Capture 2

Ball Pool

Human Tetris

Knocking Down Walls

Comic Book Effects

iPod Commercial

Puppet Show

Super Mario

Floor Piano

Line Dance

Evil Genius Simulator

Light Saber

DiVinci UI

Touch Screen UI

Multitouch on any Surface

Anatomy Mirror

Turtle Bot

Autonomous Quad-copter

Humanoid Robot Teleoperation

Muscle Stimulation

Object Recognition

Assisting the Blind

Sign Language

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Anonymous said...

Hi Johnny,
We released a sneak peek to a product that enables a fresh approach to video communication using the Kinect. We extract the user perfectly and immerse the user in content.
We also enable recording this 'vix' content, which is the user pasted on the background. Check us out at We also have some cool vix's folks generated at

Sumant Kowshik
skowshik@nuvixa .com

rektide said...

Many thanks Johnny.

Jonty said...

Huzzah, the tesla coils made it in! Easily the best thing we've ever made.

I don't suppose you could tell me what the music is you used in the video?

Unknown said...

hey my iPod thing and tesla coil vid made it!

Vas said...

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