Thursday, July 28, 2011

Myth of the Dying Mouse

It's definitely not the most polished delivery I've made (ignite talks don't let you control your slides, which is very unsettling for me). But, here's a 5 minute ignite talk I recently gave entitled "The mouse and keyboard are NOT going away, and there's NO SUCH THING as convergence".


Joeyw said...

Good talk.
I partially agree, but I would also say that over time the users' intent is also changing. As applications become more sophisticated, the level of the intended user action increases.
For example, in a word process a user may have wanted to draw a box for a diagram to show how orders are processed. In a more sophisticated application there may be pre-built actions that can express the diagram that the user wants to draw, the user just needs to fill in the high-level information (i.e. he no longer needs to use the mouse to draw the box).

Dylski said...

"No such thing as convergence" is only true in device space; in fact, this is exactly the environment you need to provide convergence for user experience.

When you have a divergence of devices that fit specific mobility and interaction niches, then you can provide alternative and complimentary entry points into core experiences. Now, that's true convergence in my opinion.