Thursday, March 20, 2014

Project Tango goin' to Space!

Read about our collaboration with NASA Ames (just next door) to put autonomous robots on the International Space Station using Project Tango.  Robots = cool.  Robots in space = cooler.

Source: Gigaom Article

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Unknown said...


This is very interesting device and concept (of mind and eyes not only for robots).

I would like to submit proposal for Project Tango to have access to early prototypes of your mobile device and SDK but I just noticed that open window to do so expired on march 15th.

I found on Project Tango web page that you were looking for real life scenarios and I think I do have such. I am working on industrial project/application for digitizing full path of very hard technical survey/measurement process. It requires hands free operation, automatic position and wireless (WiFi/BT) integration with dedicated external/mobile measurement equipment.

Can I submit proposal now or I have to wait for next batch of available devices ?

Please advise.

Best regards