Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Kinect Effect

This is hands down, the best Microsoft commercial I have ever seen. It has soul. It has spirit. It has open optimism about what a company and creative enthusiasts can do together. They are even showcasing kinect projects on the official website Kinect.com


My hats off the the tens of thousands of creative developers who have explored the wide ranging uses of Kinect and, of course, to Microsoft & Xbox for seeing that it is a very positive thing to embrace. Yes, Kinect is a product that ultimately must make money through games and applications. But, it can also have a remarkably positive impact on our culture.

Best $3000 I ever spent.


Ansel said...

A few of those seem to show it being used from well within the minimum distance. I wish it could really do that!

dot said...

"The is hands down, (...) I has soul.

The -> This
I -> It

Vegard said...

Love the commercial, love your blog!

John Stoner said...

Damn straight. And great song choice too. The Pixies, 'Where is My Mind?' Love it.

MCP said...

I saw this commercial today and recently played a Kinect game for the first time. I remember seeing your Wii remote videos years ago, but couldn't remember your name. A friend on Facebook helped and pointed me over here! I said, "yes" that's the guy!

tana said...
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tana said...
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sunnyakc said...

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Unknown said...

Johnny, I've been following your blog for a several years now. I was surprised to see your name in the NY Times this morning as working at "Google X".


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