Thursday, March 13, 2008

YouTube Awards: Nominated for Best Instructional Video of 2007

Hey all, (shameless plug) it looks like my video on head-tracking was nominated for the Youtube Award - Best Instructional Video of 2007! Very neat. =o) Please, go to the site and cast your vote! Thanks!


overklokan said...

man i say you are genius ! idk if
you got that reward or not but idea
with head-tracking is the best i've
seen in last 10 years or more ...

Tselentis said...

You are my hero, Johnny.

mtfnmtfn said...

Your wiimote project is very very impressive.

ettesa said...

Your additions to Wii like the remote is great you have talent, I have only just got my Currys Wii Fit I had to wait for stock.

Sirhc Senots said...

You are the future!

地瓜哲学 said...

cool!!! you are genius !!!
please go on!

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