Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Official Wiimote Project Forum!

The number of comments on my blog posts have gotten rather unweildy making them difficult read and thus, not extremely useful. It has become clear that a full up discussion forum is needed to manage the threads of conversation. I know there is already a lot of chatter scattered all around the web about these Wiimote projects, so hopefully this isn't too late to centralize some of that discussion.

JD has honorably stepped up the challenge. So,... announcing the official discussion forum for wii remote projects!

Everyone give JD a pat on the back, and try to use the forum for discussing wii remote projects. I'll try to add links to this forum on the main project page.

Link to the WiimoteProject Forum


Dice said...

Thanks for the kind words Johnny :)

Sivious said...

I have just seen your project in youtube.I am a student from the University of Seville and I am very interested in it. My congratulations!

Danny Ocean said...

U rock!

Exequiel Molina said...

saludos espero que puedas traducir este mensaje. soy de chile y me intereso bastante tu proyecto de wiimote, estoy haciendo pruevas, y todo ha salido excelente.
me gustaria contarte mi experiencia aca y como ha sido la acogida aca en chile.
chao cuidate saludos

Penda said...

I love your work with the Wii. I am also studying the Wii and developing a new field I have dubbed Virtual Fitness. If you need some exercise in between engineering and eating ice cream, I invite you to check out my show for some tips on how to work out with the Wii!

Penda, Goddess of Virtual Fitness

Unidad de Salud Ocupacional said...

Hi from Colombia south america, your WiitheBoard opens a new perspective in educational tools 4 the 3th world,
Like the use of multiple mice cursors in one cpu (sdg toolkit).

Now imagine a collective 3d sculpture design


Unknown said...

Hey Johnny. Can you update your example projects to work with the latest WiimoteLib? I'm sure it would help your apps work with more devices. Help the newbies.

Motobias said...


your head tracking idea was part of the german it-multimedia-tv-magazine
be prepared for a run on your website ;)

admiring your work !

getting an high end dlp beamer soon and will go crazy on the wiimote...

Motobias said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

hey i cant wat to just go buy a wii remot and give this stuff a try, but as of right now i have a gun con witch works on the same premasis, and was wounderng if the things yotu are doing would work with that paticuler unit?

Unknown said...


I'm totally into this right now, unfortunatly the software provided doesn't seem to work with Vista.

Is there another version I could try? My life is meaningless unless I get this up and running.

Thx anyway for all you've done Johnny.

Unknown said...

It's sometimes scary to see such incredible progress displayed so casually. I'm very very impressed.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely amazing! I'm going to try out some of this stuff at home ^_^!

I think I may take apart the wii remote and give it more appealing packaging to work better with the the different functionalities, so as an easily mounted box for the interactive white board, with optional power plug and battery compartment.

A sleeker looking VR goggle set up (though the safety glasses are pretty smooth :D )

And possibly a box to better house the wii remote components with the IR displays for the finger interaction project.

When I get any of them done I'll post on the forum how I made them and pictures and what not :)

Mr. Keach said...

I just cant wait to play some FPS Baby!

Unknown said...

"Thomas said...

I'm totally into this right now, unfortunatly the software provided doesn't seem to work with Vista.

Is there another version I could try? My life is meaningless unless I get this up and running.

Thx anyway for all you've done Johnny.

January 23, 2008 7:35 AM "

All you have to do is right click on te exe file and change the compatabuility to XP and then you should have no issues.

Zon said...

Dude, your Wii Remote videos are very inspiring - I hope to see more of these in the future.

I emailed quite a many people with a link to your videos, and I hope you receive plenty of praise from them, as you definitely deserve it!

Lee said...

Hi Johnny,

Absolutely cool projects, keep up the good work. I've written a Flash version of your target VR demo and have it running on the Wii :) using Sandy3D. It needs a little bit of a tweak and the performance could be a little better - may try a different 3D library.

If anyones interested you can try it here.


Troy Blackford said...

too bad you're so cool. I really think its too bad how everybody expects you to be all into video game programming just because you utilized some specialized properties of the wiimote but at the same time i love video games. all you would need to do would be to have a talk or two with Nintendo to have all the valuable influence you would need on the next gen of gaming. You usefullness (in terms of unique knowledge) to imput devices in general is HUGE and I respect you incredibly.

raichu72 said...

I'm from belgium and i speek not wel english. In French i wil say.........GENIAL!!!! TU ES LE GENRE DE MEC QUI DEVRAIT EPOUSER BILL GATES!!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that you are amazing. EVERYONE needs to know about the stuff you're working on. Someone should give you a grant or something to develop these projects.

Keep up the awesome work, man.

crunchycrunchy said...

I hope you will get into contract negotiations with Nintendo and make a ton of money and product innovations with your ingenious counterinventions. I look forward to using your technology.

Borch said...

man, if nintendo dont realize your potential, they are dumb!!

i think your work is great, and you show it that way it looks so easy!!!

Unknown said...

OMFG your software looks amazing (i havent got a nintedo wii but i want one now :D your amazing keep up the good work!!!!!!!!!

Mexico said...

Hey Johnny, nice idea, you will go far my friend, anyways, if you need any help with Graphics or the art department, I can help you out with no charge at all, you seem like a guy driven by passion, just like me, if you are interested, you can contact me, I'll send you my portfolio.

internella said...

I´, a journalist.
If you ever come to Spain, tell me please.I live in Madrid.

You´re amazing! I have you in my blog and I did your Head Tracking using the Wii. Ít´s great, Thanks a lot.


Marianella Fargier

moncayo said...

It is 3d and tracked appropriately I just dont get the feeling that something is coming out of the screen.
anyone can help to me?

Anonymous said...

eh eh e h a man of genius
really nice ....
i had put your video from youtube in my blog !

have good work and nice time with your new game...


Aaron said...

Has anyone ever thought of trying to code multi-touch into GIMP? Having multi-touch in a free Photoshop-like application could be a great tool for artists everywhere.

Aaron said...

Has anyone thought of integrating multi touch into GIMP?

Krisia said...

Johnny. I think I love you! I was online yesterday doing some research into electronic whiteboards, as I am starting my own business and needed a highly portable solution. I live in Istanbul, Turkey, am an English teacher and have very limited funds to start. I was absolutely elated when I ran into your YouTube video and then the Wiimote Project website. The ingenuity required to come up with something like this is so amazing! I am now able to save like a jillion Turkish lira I didn't have, and still provide a high-quality learning environment for my students. That it's provided for free and to everyone brings tears to my eyes. Your donation will be arriving as soon as I get my first cheque from my customers. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Dononva said...

Hi everybody, I'm new in the wiimote project and I'd like to know something for the whiteboard. Is it possible that using the wiimote as the camera and a IR light as pointer, the cursor follows the pointer without clicking. It's very important because I don't understand the code quite enough to modify it. Thanks

Dononva said...

Hi everybody, I'm new in the wiimote project and I'd like to know something for the whiteboard. Is it possible that using the wiimote as the camera and a IR light as pointer, the cursor follows the pointer without clicking. It's very important because I don't understand the code quite enough to modify it. Thanks

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Ali R said...

Hi Johnny, having trouble using the later model wiimotes. keep getting prompted for a passkey and nothing works. Google'd it and found a couple of passwords, but no dice....

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Unknown said...

Anyone mapped the VR functions to Google Sketchup yet? Doing this for the pan/tilt/zoom functions would add a whole new depth to Sketchup!

Anonymous said...

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